RC0375-02 3/8" Clamp Connectors

RC0375-02   3/8" Clamp Connectors
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EPA-RC0375-02  3/8" Clamp Connectors

  • 3/8" Clamp Connector
  • For 1/2 Knockout (1/2" KO)
  • Made in the US
  • UL listed
  • For one 14/2 wire or larger Nonmetallic Cable (NM Cable) - will also accommodate Two (2) 14/2 Nonmetallic cables.
  • Die cast lock nut
  • Two way combination Slotted / Phillips head screws
  • Select the quantity you need, it will be discounted automatically


This is the correct size of Clamp Connector for the 3/4" knockout on all of our hardwired power strips.

Install according to applicable local Electrical Code.

This item can be purchased at your local hardware stores for electrical supplies, home improvement chains such as Home Depot or Lowe's. We only provide this item as an added convenience to our customers. Shipping can be high if you only order this item. Please order this item Only when you are ordering our hardwired power strips to go with.

This item may (or may not) be packed loose, as we buy them in bulk, to be shipped with your hardwired power strip order.

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